The Secretive Aroma- “Clean Diesel”

Volkswagen has come under major scrutiny with an array of organisations with the emergence of their vehicles bypassing regulatory tests.


What’s Hidden?

Myth Abolished: Retail positions aren’t simply selling accompanied by a ‘Hello, How are you?’.
Working in retail, especially leading up to the Christmas period, can be one of the most strenuous tasks ever encountered if not prepared. The stigma surrounding retail positions is that their only focus is sales, yet the behind the scenes coverage that features in this audio-visual piece brings forwarded the hidden tasks and also emotion of a retail position.

Upon interviewing the individuals that work at the largest shoe retailer in Australia: HYPE DC, the illumination of job descriptions become physically evident. Upon speaking with these individuals about the project, I made all aware that I wanted to highlight to responders the basic stereotype of a retail position, being serving and selling– yet this be juxtaposed with the often strenuous, labor-like tasks that lead to the end result of selling the product. The staff became passionate towards my presence in documenting in such a way, as they believed that the social understanding of the position had to be uncovered and displayed.

As stock began to pile up throughout the week, Saturday morning was one of the most strenuous according to the team, recognised through the disbelieving tone often present in recordings. Due to the large amount of stock-associated tasks, it was clear that the crew focused on these jobs, and it became apparent to me that customers almost became a nuisance. This then further highlighted the onus in which retailers place on managing the shop, rather then the money they are turning over.

The hidden aspect of retail almost surfaced through distraught and constant reaction to the work-load which was required to complete the weekend. The persona that was recorded of the staff as a whole highlighted that the pleasant “How’s your day been today?” which is a retail-standard question, can often only resonate on a Prima Facie level.

The position of a retailer and the myth of the mundane “Buy and Sell” position has been uncovered, What was hidden exactly? It was the work ethic required for customer to be greeted with a smile and a service in which can’t be found anywhere else.

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